Moving Tips:

Prior to moving day consider an item floor plan. Understanding the dimensions of your new home will have you better prepared once items are being placed.

Gather your most important documents and medications and place them in one location. Once packing starts it is best to have these items in a designated area. 

Relocating to a new home may be the best time to sell, give away, or donate belongings. There are ample online resources and donations centres that will assist you when purging.

Make a list of all places that will need to be contacted with your change of address so that your information stays up-to-date. 

Purchase packing materials. You will need boxes, tape, markers, etc. We recommend using packing tape as it is strong and easy to use. 

Label your boxes. Note the main items in each box, its placement area, and Highlight boxes that are fragile. 

Place heavier items in small boxes

Place lighter large items in large boxes. Example: lamps, decorative items, etc. 

With clothing; use wardrobe boxes or spread open a large bed sheet, stack your clothes, and tie the corners. Your clothes will remain wrinkle free.

Remove items from drawers to avoid damage.

 Please contact us if you have any further questions. Our staff is available to help.  


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